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Wedding Advice Cards - On the Day Wedding Table Games

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We are super excited to introduce our latest addition to our wedding collection! Wedding advice cards! These on the day games are the perfect ice breaker to get your guests chatting at the table and to have some fun! Sprinkle them across the table at your reception along with some pens. Collect them up at the end of the night and they make the perfect keepsake for you to treasure forever! Take them out to relive some wonderful memories on your anniversary or just when you need some advice on what to do when your partner won't wash the dishes!!

We have 4 gorgeous designs of wedding advice cards for you to choose from, each available in packs of 10 for £7.50 and are working hard to bring you lots more fun and frivolous on the day wedding games!!

Want to create your own bespoke wedding games unlike anything anyone else has? For a one off design fee of £50 you can work with us to create your own fabulously funny wedding games which suit your theme on your special day.

Lots of love


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